Monika Klein

KleinMonika 1Costume designer Austria, Germany, Switzerland

Master tailor

Founder and Head of Dancewear Monika Klein


For many years Monika Klein is supplying Body, Art and Expression with her wonderfully designed and virtuously tailored costumes. Her talent in creating and producing high quality artpieces of ballet and dance costumes as well as suitable garments for training supports teachers, students, and dancers in their daily work and ease their routines.

Monika Klein began to develop her talent very early, following her mother's footsteps. After her A-Level exam at Handelsakademie she designed for companies like DOB or headed a 40-members group of the designer department at ESKA. After being nationally and internationally successful as a designer she started to focus on stage- and especially on dance costumes.

Presently, Monika Klein is providing costumes and training garments for schools in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Her love for detail and reliability are some of her many preferences. Monika Klein's art is co-responsible for the ongoing high national and international representation and reputation standards of the school. Body, Art & Expression want to thank her for the collaboration and is looking forward to co-operating in the future!