Preparatory Classes

Our “Dance Mouse”-classes ("Tanzmäuse") are a preparatory dance class for boys and girls from about 3 to 6 years of age. In a playful and age-appropriate way the children are being prepared to enter higher dance classes and other dance styles. Our teachers are specially trained in dance pedagogy and dance medicine to be able to support the children’s motor and social development through dance education. Safe and skilled movement, music, rhythm, and social behaviour, co-ordination, self-awareness, and posture are among the aims of our “Dance Mouse”-classes.

For older children from the age of 6 upwards we offer ballet for kids, acrobatics or “Musical” until about the age of 8, 9, or 10. From there, our vocational education for children offer a great variety of dance classes for chose from, such as ballet, modern, jazzdance, various urban styles, showdance, or other, depending on the age, skill, and career interest of the kid. Our recreational programme as well offers a variety of classes to keep on dancing as an amateur.

Numbers of participants in our children’s classes as well as in all other classes in our school are kept low to guarantee the high quality of our teaching for the benefit of all individual dancers. All classes of Body, Art & Expression are based on the international concepts of dance medicine and dance science to be able to bring up healthy dancers with a high performance standard. The principal of the institution, Judith-Elisa Kaufmann, is an internationally renowned lecturer for dance medicine and dance science as well as dance pedagogy who first and foremost aims for a maximum of artistic performance and expression through a maximum of health in her dancers!