Ballett SchuhOur “Dance Mouse”-classes are the preparatory classes for both, future vocational and recreational dance education. At the age of 3 to 6 years, there is no need to specify because all children need the same: playful, age-appropriate dance class setting which allows and supports their individual motor, social, and behavioural development. “Dance Mouse”-classes help the child to explore music, rhythm, safe (dance) movement, co-ordination (velocity and force of movement, orientation in space and with partners a.o.) postural control and balance, and many more. Early movement classes support the development of skill and economic movement capabilities using exercises to develop strength as well as balanced flexibility.

Our teachers are especially trained and certified in the fields of dance pedagogy and dance medicine to be able to effectively support and guide the safe and healthy development in children through dance practice. Children should develop a notion of how to use their bodies correctly in dance as well as to evolve a notion for self esteem, social intelligence and discipline.; They are free to explore how to train and align their joints to be able to dance safely and efficiently, which will serve as a future injury prevention guideline for daily routines, sports, and dance practice. All the basics are taught through playful and age-appropriate ways to be accessible for the children’s understanding.

From the “Dance Mouse”-classes onwards all further dance styles are available to prepare for adolescent vocational or recreational dance education: Children’s ballet classes, Musical theatre classes, and acrobatics among other.

“Dance Mouse”-classes are 45 minutes every week (except for holidays). The registration is binding for 8 months, and schoolyear is devided in 2 terms: October to January and March to June. In June the school year is ending with a theatre production for families and fans.

All classes of Body, Art & Expression are based on the international concepts of dance medicine and dance science to be able to bring up healthy dancers with a high performance standard. The principal of the institution, Judith-Elisa Kaufmann, is an internationally renowned lecturer for dance medicine and dance science as well as dance pedagogy who first and foremost aims for a maximum of artistic performance and expression through a maximum of health in all her dancers!