Jazz schuhOur jazzdance classes present the dancer with high standards of dance technique to convey the concept of Vernacular Jazz. Techniques such as Matt Mattox and Gus Giordano give a variety of possibilities for center work, cross floor, combinations and choreographies. Polyrhythmic and polycentric isolations, improvisation, body workouts and historical and dance technical explanations should create a picture of the nature of jazzdance within the student. Insights into other jazzdance techniques such as Musical- and Revue Jazz, Jazzballet and Modern Jazz as well as Afro Jazz and Street Jazz are taught additionally to the ambitious students and allow skillful and impressive choreographic freedom.

Classes last for 75 minutes and are mostly booked in combination with other suitable training classes.

"Only a maximum of health allows a maximum of performance!" [Judith-Elisa Kaufmann, 2008]

All classes of Body, Art & Expression are based on the international concepts of dance medicine and dance science. The principal of the institution, Judith-Elisa Kaufmann, is an internationally renowned lecturer for dance medicine and science as well as dance pedagogy. She is on the board of "tamed", the Organization for Dance Medicine in German speaking countries.

For the interested reader please enjoy "Kaufmann, Judith-Elisa: Tanzpädagogik & Tanzmedizin - Die Symbiose der Zukunft. Fach- und Arbeitsbuch Tanzpädagogik." Rediroma Verlag, Remscheid. 2016.  Available on Amazon. English version coming soon! ISBN-13: 978-3868709728    ISBN-10: 386870972X