Vaganova 1-8

Spitze SchuhOur classical ballet classes are open to adolescents from about 11 years onwards. According to Vaganova’s Russian curriculum of ballet education our classes are divided in 8 levels from basics to very advanced. Ballet 1 and 2 (Vaganova 1 until approx. 4) are suitable for recreational dancers as well, but Vaganova 5 to 8 (Ballet 3 onwards) are only accessible for vocational dancers and professionals.

Classes are 90 minutes, with a course running for 2 terms (October to January and March to June). Training starts punctually and dancers are advised to undergo their own general and specific warm up before joining training. Appropriate warming up and cooling down is being explained and taught with the aim to make the dancer able to conduct warm up and cool down routines themselves for all classes (except small children and Dance Mouse-classes, where warm up is conducted with the teacher’s guidance).

Water bottles are allowed and use is recommended in class. Dance attire has to follow the guidelines for ballet training apparel; cloths must be tight enough to allow the teacher to supervise the dancer’s movements and joint alignment. Hair is to be pinned up and combed out of the face.

Most of our ballet classes can be combined with pointe work and repertory classes when the dancer is ready to work on pointe to avoid injuries.

"Only a maximum of health allows a maximum of performance!" [Judith-Elisa Kaufmann, 2008]

All classes of Body, Art & Expression are based on the international concepts of dance medicine and dance science. The principal of the institution, Judith-Elisa Kaufmann, is an internationally renowned lecturer for dance medicine and science as well as dance pedagogy. She is on the board of "tamed", the Organization for Dance Medicine in German speaking countries.

For the interested reader please enjoy "Kaufmann, Judith-Elisa: Tanzpädagogik & Tanzmedizin - Die Symbiose der Zukunft. Fach- und Arbeitsbuch Tanzpädagogik." Rediroma Verlag, Remscheid. 2016.  Available on Amazon. English version coming soon! ISBN-13: 978-3868709728    ISBN-10: 386870972X