Pointe Work & Repertory

Spitze SchuhOur pointe work classes are always booked in combination with ballet classes to prepare the dancers safely and effectively for the demands of pointe work. Advanced levels of Vaganova classes come with a combinatory pointe and repertory class which are a basic part of vocational classical training with a duration of 60 minutes.

Dancers are allowed for pointe work according to their training level and physical abilities not necessarily depending on their age. The age of approximately 12 can be referred to as a guideline when to start with pointe work, but the age alone is not enough to ensure a safe and efficient education on pointe. Strength in balance with flexibility, sufficient postural, co-ordination, and core stability are basic concepts which have to be well prepared through ongoing training.

In our recreational classes amateurs are only allowed on pointe when they attend at least 3 training classes a week and prove an advanced training level. Recreational pointe work classes have a duration of 30 minutes maximum. Our aim is not to be "en vogue" but to ensure safe and joyful dance education following high dance medical and dance pedagogical standards.

"Only a maximum of health allows a maximum of performance!" [Judith-Elisa Kaufmann, 2008]

All classes of Body, Art & Expression are based on the international concepts of dance medicine and dance science. The principal of the institution, Judith-Elisa Kaufmann, is an internationally renowned lecturer for dance medicine and science as well as dance pedagogy. She is on the board of "tamed", the Organization for Dance Medicine in German speaking countries.

For the interested reader please enjoy "Kaufmann, Judith-Elisa: Tanzpädagogik & Tanzmedizin - Die Symbiose der Zukunft. Fach- und Arbeitsbuch Tanzpädagogik." Rediroma Verlag, Remscheid. 2016.  Available on Amazon. English version coming soon! ISBN-13: 978-3868709728    ISBN-10: 386870972X