A course registration can be done in person in our various locations by use of our registration form which you will also find under downloads. On the form you can find the fees as well.

The registration form has to be signed by a parent or legal guardian before a minor enters a class. This extends to trial lessons (€ 20,-) as well.

Our school years start with October 1st and end with June 30th. They are divided in two terms, running from Octobre to January, and March to June. In June most of the classes participate in a fulminant theatre production.

Class fees differ according to style, level of training, and length of class. The fees are due before the second class following registration, latest. Delayed payment is cleared with a penalty of € 0,50 per default working day.

Participation can only be granted when the fees are paid and registration is fully executed.

Registrations which are binding for a school year (8 months) such as all children's and adolescent's classes as well as some classes for adults, monthly tickets and special training classes allow payment by installments in October and March, respectively. In case of cancellation of the class out of personal reasons the second installment is to be paid nonetheless! Cancellation within the binding contract is not possible unless a severe health condition can be satisfactorily shown according to the Austrian KSchG.

Provided that there are still places for registration left in a class the course can be joined with March. Since there is no binding registration for 8 months then anymore, fees are slightly higher than with registration in October.

Classes start on time. To prevent injuries in dancers who are delayed and therefore miss warming up it is down to the teacher's decision if a dancer is allowed into training nonetheless. We ask for punctuality and recommend private warming up before all classes (children are supervised and attended by the teacher!)

If a dancer misses a training class out of private reasons the class can be taken in within the binding period of a course.

Registrations and vouchers are intransferable.

Parents, guardians and visitors are not allowed to watch and attend classes. Exceptions are the first class of term. Taking photographs, taping with cameras or mobile phones, as well as conducting interviews without previous permission of the principal are prohibited! All interferences that might disturb the training class are to forbear!

Registration for vocational education need examination and auditioning!

Our AGB / general terms and conditions and data regulation protection are essential constituent of all our registration forms and contracts.